Classrooms (42 mobile in 2009): $75,000+ / year energy cost FCPS

"FY09 Electrical Energy Usage (Trailers)"

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School administration's energy cost
Period  kWh  $$  CO2
Year      831040      75000      939075
Quarter      207760      18750      234768
Month      69253      6250      78256
Week      16159      1458      18259
24Hrs      2308      208      2608
SupplierDominion / NOVEC
Meter Last ReadJune 30, 2009
E-CategoryEnergy: kWh Conservation

Primary (E-Com) Contact:School administration
Communications (#/text):E-Com this Entity / E-Profile (benchmarks below)
Secondary Contact:Multiple by school location
Address / Area: VA
Primary / Website URL:

Profile created 4/12/10 Updated 1/9/16, 4/10/17

Update January 2012: Most trailers removed as part of the past energy conservation processes put into effect by Administration.

The following schools have (or had) trailers due mainly to building capacity / student population. Assumption is that all heating / cooling is electric and controlled manually by individual thermostats within each trailer as they are used teaching purposes.

42 in 2009. Trailers are meant to be temporary so these numbers maybe subject to change at any moment. Building 2 new schools Kettle Run HS and Greenville ES may have reduced the overall need for trailers in Fauquier County Public Schools.

Based on historical data there are 42 trailers of different sizes / layouts in 8 schools.

From high to low (quantity by school type):

HS - (13) 10,584 square feet Liberty
HS - (10) 15,072 square feet Fauquier

ES - (6) 4,900 square feet Grace Miller
ES - (4) 3,408 square feet PB Smith
ES - (4) 3,408 square feet Pierce
ES - (2) 1,728 square feet Ritchie

MS - (2) 1,728 square feet Warrenton
MS - (1) 864 square feet Taylor

Estimated cost (complete details not available) is 108,720kWh / $10,413 / year for the 6 modules at Grace Miller which equals $1,735.50 / unit, or $72,890 / year. Note: Estimate increased to $75K per annum based on additional feedback / data

Total square footage for all 42 units is 41,292 which equals an additional (small) school with 42 rooms (compares in size to a Middle School) and cost wise on an annual basis is comparable to Claude Thompson Elementary School.

Trailers are inherently inefficient with respect to energy used for heating / cooling which is confirmed by these numbers when compared to permanent structures.

Benchmark #12: Student occupancy - Not available (not included in energy cost per student calculations)

UP IN SMOKE: The Saint James’ Green Team invites you to a serious conversation about the energy efficiency of our homes, churches, schools, and public buildings on Sunday January 17, 2016 at 4 PM, in the Parish Hall, Warrenton - Tell a friend - Pass it on

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